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Go the extra mile ...
Abbeville MC sponsors World Vision children and needs people who will nurture these kids by sending cards, letters and encouragement.  If you could help here, call the church office (334.585.3121).  Thanks!


Help Abbeville and our Youth!

Our Youth are doing a great thing every week in Abbeville.  They staff the Thrift Store at the corner of Kirkland and Kelly Streets.  You can make a donation of clothing or something you no longer need or you could volunteer to help in the store.  Funds from this store are used to promote and strengthen our Youth Ministry and allow our Youth to become part of the solution in Abbeville, Alabama.


We all want to be connected to something meaningful.  The Global Methodist Church is (by nature) connectional.  All GMC churches across the globe are connected by our way of doing church and (more importantly) we are connected to one another through the mission of being the Church.  Every week we are helping another congregation, digging a well in Africa, buying mosquito nets for kids who are exposed to malaria, building new congregations, feeding kids in economically challenged places in America, making home repairs in Appalachia and operating our Thrift Store right here in Abbeville, Alabama.  You can help us be connected by your prayers, by your participation (hey ... pitch in!) and by your giving to these many ministries.  Connection means we are part of the solution!




Singing to the Lord

Abbeville MC loves music and loves to sing to the Lord.  Whether you like Traditional Choir music (they practice at 6pm Wednesdays and sing at the 11am Sunday Service) or rock it out with the Contemporary Praise Band at the WELL (they practice at 7:30pm Saturday night [this is an auditioned group]), your musical talent is usable and desired.  Jump in and sing!



If you have ideas of ways to serve God, new ministries or places to plug in, contact Pastor Randy at the church office, 334-585-3121.



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