Here in the City of Dogwoods the blooms of Spring are a beautiful thing.  Here at Abbeville United Methodist we are excited about a different kind of blooming.  We (by God's power) grow, heal, transform, empower, lead, love and connect with people.

The Well

9 am Sunday

Our in-person worship continues at 9 AM each Sunday.  We are also live-streaming worship services (see below).  These same links will connect you to our Wednesday night Bible Study with John Riley.

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Traditional Worship

11 am Sunday

Live and in-person traditional worship continues each Sunday at 11 am.  While COVID-19 precautions remain this worship service will have wonderful music, meaningful liturgy and messages from God's Holy Word.  Join in whenever you can!


Celebrate Recovery

Our Thursday Celebrate Recovery ministry gives us all the opportunity to heal from our hurts, habits and hang-ups.  It is open to all and begins at 6pm.  Come for fellowship, help and God-centered healing.  And the meal is great too!  Everyone is invited, welcome and appreciated!  See you there!


Sunday's  Sermon


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Music from Worship

Spirit of the Living God

Wednesday Bible Study

Join in for Wednesday Bible Study with John Riley.  John brings insight, humor and depth to looking into how God's Word leads us out into the world that needs Jesus more than anything.

Study happens at 7 PM each Wednesday in the Family Life Center at Abbeville United Methodist Church.  We will be masked-up for a few weeks but hope restrictions ease very soon.

If you are not comfortable getting out into life where we meet and interact, we totally understand.  Check into our online presence with live streaming at 7 PM Wednesday or checking it out at another time by just going to the Facebook or YouTube links.  Here they are ...


Beliefs and Actions

 The United Methodist Church is committed to putting our faith into action.  Check out the United Methodist Handbook to see how this happens! 

stop talkin'


Life is filled with chances to make a difference.  Most times we are so focused on getting through the day that we miss the chances to do something meaningful.  So ... how can I connect to something that makes the world better?  Glad you asked ... Abbeville UMC has many opportunities to serve God and people through missions, locally, nationally and internationally. We are the mission ...


  • Belize ... AUMC has an ongoing presence in Belize and makes periodic trips for work, medical and teaching opportunities.

  • Red Bird - One of the poorest parts of our nation is Appalachia.  AUMC sends work trips, clothing and love to the Red Bird Mission in Beverly, Kentucky.

  • Navajo Reservation - Work trips, help with vaccination of livestock, mentoring adults/youth/children are just a few of the things we do in Navajo country.  You can be part of this.

  • World Vision - AUMC supports and encourages World Vision kids.

  • Abbeville 2nd Chance Thrift Store - We operate a local thrift store which funds mission work and ministry of our Youth.  Come, shop, volunteer and make a difference

  • Boys and Girls Club - AUMC is part of the genesis of the Boys and Girls Club of Abbeville opening soon.  Help us make a difference!  Our club serves over 70 kids, and their collective GPA is 3.3.  Also, 50 volunteers (you could be one too) are part of this effort to tell the world, Great Futures Start Here!

  • Costa Rica - Radical Life Ministries is a dynamic partner in Jaco, Costa Rica.  We support the ministry, send support teams and we are building a church ... you can help!

  • Nothing But Nets - Abbeville UMC gives to this ministry that provides mosquito nets to people in areas with high Malaria exposure.  Over 100,000 lives have been saved through this effort.

  • Spreading the Word - AUMC supports seminary students through the Stegall Scholarship Fund.

  • Backpacks for Friday (BFF) - AUMC offers support and funding for this ministry feeding local kids with easy-to-prepare food for weekends.

Several of us have chosen a word for this new year.  Mine is the Hebrew  word lev  which means heart.  The symbol for this is interesting.  Reading from right to left the word lev  is a shepherd's crook (symbolizing 'authority') and a floor plan of a Hebrew tent (meaning 'within').  Thus heart means 'the authority within.'  This clarifies and amplifies the passage "where your treasure is, there your heart is also."  Heart is what drives you.  Heart is all about your deep-seeded passion.  Heart is about applied love at its basic level ... for if we treasure God above all, God will be the heart that guides us ... sends us ... gives us our daily marching orders.  


Pastor's Blog

Click this link and go to the Live From Abbeville blog.  Pastor Randy


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